Meet the 2013-2014 Young Ambassadors
Charmiah Amie, Biology PreMed Doris Berman, Chemistry and History Peter Breen, Chemistry Riana Brown, Psychology and International Studies Frederic Camara, German and Geography Robert Chapman, German, French and English Language and Literature Alex Disbrow, Marketing Zamé Engelbrecht, Biochemisty Caroline Gass, Business Administration, German Language and Literature Dorothee Goettert, Food Science, Animal Science Isabel Gutierrez, English Ashley Gyarmati, Dance, Education Jacob Halpenny, English Literature Erik Harkness, German Studies and International Affairs Kareem Hartl, Finance and German Alex Hornbuckle, International Business and Global Supply Chain Operations Management Sarah Hughes, Chemistry Dagmar Irrig, Economics and German Nicole Johnson, German Literature and Culture; Peace, War and Defense Seth Kaempfer, Global Studies and Security Spencer Kelly, German Language Lily Kley, Political Science and German Lucy Ma, Biology Mia Mihailovic, Chemical Engineering Michael Mitchell, Pharmacology Brittany O’Neill, Chemical Engineering Jonah Orr, Neuroscience and Behavior Meghan Reidy, History, German, Music Performance Stephanie Rempel, Political Studies, German Studies Franz Wayne Rivera, Global and International Studies Lauren Roalkvan, German and International Studies Emily Robinson, German, Education Katherine Rooney, Biomedical Engineering Kaitlyn Roth, Comparative Literature, German Studies Laura Satkowski, Environmental Science, German Tia Seibold, German and International Affairs Shanlai Shangguan, History, Environmental Studies, International and Global Studies Alexander Sumin, Political Science Jordan Vani, Biological Sciences, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences Mercedes Voet, Psychology and German Zachary Wayson, Marketing; Information Systems and Operations Management Tyler Weiglein, German; Civil Engineering Evan Woodnorth, German and International Studies

Charmiah Amie

Home University: Spelman College
Major: Biology PreMed
Program/University in Germany: Technische Universität Isar (TUM), Klinikum rechts der Isar

Hallo! My name is Miah, and I was fortunate enough to be selected as a member of the DAAD RISE internship scholarship program. With this program I was able to work and research under the guidance of a PhD student at the Klinikum rechts der Isar through Technische Universität München. My project focused on Tumor Microenvironment in esophageal adenocarcinomas. I was very appreciative as a Biology major to get this first-hand experience in Germany. München, or Munich, is a larger city based in the Bavarian providence. It is full of traditional German culture and its proximity to other parts of Europe is wonderful. I was extremely cautious before making my journey because first of all, I didn't speak any German and secondly I have never been to Europe or anywhere outside of the United States for that matter! These concerns all became obsolete as soon as I landed in Germany. Almost everyone I met spoke some English and was very accommodating. I learned a lot from my internship, traveled to proximal countries, met a lot of great friends, and experienced new culture in many towns and countries. I highly recommend the opportunity that DAAD offers to anyone thinking about traveling abroad. It was a life changing experience. I'm available for questions if you have any. Tschüss!
Doris Berman

Home University: Wellesley College
Major: Chemistry and History
Program/University in Germany:Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina zu Braunschweig

Hallo! I spent this summer at the Technical University in Braunschweig on a DAAD-RISE internship. The biochemistry research that I conducted allowed me to see firsthand how international the German scientific field is; we collaborated with researchers from China to Chile. I was also able to travel extensively within Germany, go hiking, go to a music festival, and visit several other countries. I know I'll keep in touch with the German and international friends that I made there. If you have any questions, please ask me!
Peter Breen

Home University: Pennsylvania State University
Major: Chemistry
Program/University in Germany: Albert-Ludwigs- Universität Freiburg

Servus (that’s one way people say hello in southern Germany)! My name is Peter, and I am currently a senior studying Chemistry at The Pennsylvania State University. In 2013, I had the chance to spend six months in southwest Germany living in the Black Forest in the beautiful city of Freiburg. The state of Baden-Württemberg helped to support me during my time in Germany by providing me with a monthly scholarship. When most people think about the Black Forest, Schwarzwälderkirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake) comes to mind; however, my experience in Freiburg was so much more than a delicious piece of cake. As a student of Chemistry, I actually had relatively little German experience before going to Germany. Therefore, during my first month in Freiburg, I participated in an intensive German language class to improve my German. After that, I took a variety of different, non-chemistry classes (in German!) at the University of Freiburg during the summer semester. I lived with six wonderful German students, giving me the chance to become friends with native Germans and experience Germany in a way that tourists could not. The time that I spent in Germany was truly one of the best times in my life, and I know that I will definitely go back some day (for graduate school or later). As you may see, I am a little bit biased, but I would love to tell you more about my experiences in Freiburg and try to convince you to spend some time in Germany, or at least outside of the United States. Please, do not hesitate to get in touch!
Riana Brown

Home University: University of Miami
Major: Psychology and International Studies
Program/University in Germany: University of Mannheim

Hallo. My name is Riana Brown and I am a senior at the University of Miami double majoring in Psychology and International Studies, minoring in Math and Philosophy. I studied for the Fall 2012 semester at the Universitat Mannheim in Baden-Württemburg. I was lucky enough to receive the Baden-Württemburg Stipend to finance my studies in Mannheim. I had an amazing semester! I started my time attending the Summer Language Academy at the university where I took German every day. I actually arrived in Germany with almost no knowledge of German. Because I was lucky enough to take the beginning intensive language course, I was able to learn the basics very quickly. A lot of people in Mannheim speak English, but some knowledge of German definitely helped me out. During my 6 months in Germany, I made both amazing friends and crazy memories. Because Mannheim is primarily a business school, most of my psychology classes were with German students, therefore I was able to make amazing German friends and learn even more about the fantastic and fun German atmosphere. Additionally, because Germany is so central, I was able to travel all over Germany and Europe (to 12 countries to be exact). I honestly had the most amazing and inspiring semester of my life, and because of my time in Germany, I am now going back abroad for Graduate School. Honestly, the DAAD allows people from all different fields and interests to study, work or research in Germany, and I highly recommend anyone interested in going abroad to utilize their many opportunities and resources. If you want to hear more about my time or these opportunities please feel free to email me.
Frederic Camara

Home University: Middlebury College
Major: German and Geography
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

Guten Tag! My name is Frederic Camara and I am currently a senior and German major studying at Middlebury College. I had the privilege of spending two semesters in Germany-in Berlin and Mainz respectively-and hence the privilege to have two very different cultural experiences in Germany. For my first semester, I conducted an undergraduate project with the DAAD involving the relationship between nutrition in education for German youth in parts of Berlin. I enrolled for my next semester in courses at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz geared toward learning more about German culture and to learn the German perspective of cultures in the developing world. Living in Germany was a wonderful eye-opening experience, because it gave me the opportunity to observe the culture and lifestyle of another very developed country. Having quite a bit of experience living and traveling in the developing world, I initially believed that my study abroad experience in Germany wouldn't be too different from the US. I can now happily point out that I was mistaken. I really valued the chance to focus and reflect on the cultural and behavioral differences between people living in Germany in regards to the US: For instance, I noticed through my interactions with students on projects and presentations that Germans maintain a strictly professional relationship with you when work was involved, and there is a huge emphasis on nitpicking facts rather than expressing "feelings." Nevertheless, I also learned through the friendships I developed, that they are some of the most open, fun-loving and hilarious people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know, thus not only abolishing all stereotypes generally associated with the Germany, but allowing me to really reflect on pros and cons of the way we interact in America. Reflecting on my study abroad experience, I must say that Germany is an ideal choice for anyone looking to develop personally and professionally, simply because of the wide-ranging opportunities to explore different interests, the ability to learn arguably the most influential language in Europe, and to take advantage of immersing yourself in a culture full of thinkers, poets, artists, and musicians. If interested, I'm more than ready to happily talk to you about my experience and answer questions about your potential experiences, especially if it's in Berlin or Mainz. Please don't hesitate to contact me!
Robert Chapman

Home University: Grand Valley State University
Major: German, French and English Language and Literature
Program/University in Germany: Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd

Hallo! My name is Robert Chapman, or as my friends call me, Bobby. I am currently going into my fifth, and final, year at Grand Valley State University in Michigan where I will graduate with three majors: English Language and Literature, French, and German. This past summer I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Schwäbisch Gmünd (southern Germany near Stuttgart) for six weeks with a Study Abroad group from Grand Valley. While there I took classes in the History of Berlin and German language and culture. We stayed with host families and my family was a local farm family from Laubach, about 30 minutes away from Gmünd. My host family did all they could to make me feel comfortable and relaxed in a place far from what I was used to and they did a great job! My host dad took me to a Bundesliga soccer game (there is nothing like going to a soccer game in Germany) and my host brother introduced me to many of his friends. Looking back on my time there, I was truly blessed to have a supportive host family that allowed me to have every possible experience, and as a result I saw and experienced a lot of southern Germany. With the group from Grand Valley we also saw Stuttgart, Nürnberg, München, and many other towns in southern Germany and we also spent a week in Berlin. The culmination of my trip was a hike through the Alps that left me in awe. Germany truly has some amazing places to see and visit and nothing beats the architecture. Those six weeks in Germany truly solidified my love for the German language and culture and look forward to going back for future study. If you have any questions concerning study abroad, do not hesitate to contact me! Tschüss!
Alex Disbrow

Home University: Clemson University
Major: Marketing
Program/University in Germany: Otto-Friedrich Universität Bamberg

Servus! My name is Alex Disbrow and I am currently a junior at Clemson University. With only one semester of German language completed, never cooking a meal on my own in my life, and never stepping foot in another country before, I thought my decision to study abroad in Germany for an entire semester was a bad idea as I was boarding my plane headed for Munich. I had no idea what to expect after stepping off of that plane into Germany, but now I realize that going to Germany was one of the best decisions I could have made. I have made so many friends from all over the world, seen so many cool things, and I am now a master chef in German cuisine (ok maybe not but at least I didn’t get sick from any of my cooking). I learned so much of the language and culture, and when my parents and my sister came to visit me half way through my stay there, they were totally impressed with the man and cool older brother that their son had become. I took them to many different cities, a few being out of the country, and got us around with the German that I learned while my stay over there. They still talk about how that was the best vacation they have ever had, but yet I wish they knew what it was like from my angle being there for 5 months and how much of a great time that I had. There is so much that I experienced in Germany, and this is why I would love to tell anyone about my study abroad there and what the University of Bamberg meant to me!
Zamé Engelbrecht

Home University: Memorial University of Newfoundland
Major: Biochemisty
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

Hallo! My name is Zamé Engelbrecht, and I am now entering my senior year at Memorial University of Newfoundland, with a major in Biochemistry and a minor in German Studies. I spent spring semester 2013 at Freie Universität Berlin, as a part of their European Studies Program. My German language skills improved a lot and I discovered new interests thanks to fabulous professors and their classes. Living in Berlin, there was always something to do and something new to experience, I loved every minute! Aside from taking classes, I took the opportunity to travel around, both within Germany and all around Europe. I visited Belgium, Switzerland, France, Italy and Denmark, but no matter where I travelled, I found myself always excited to return to Berlin. Someday soon, I hope to return to Germany to spend some more time there. I look forward to sharing my stories and helping other students create their own study abroad experience. If you have any questions about studying abroad in Germany, I would be happy to help! Cheers!
Caroline Gass

Home University: Boston University
Major: Business Administration, German Language and Literature
Program/University in Germany: Technische Universität Dresden and Albert-Ludwigs Universität Freiburg

Hello, my name is Caroline Gass and I am from West Lafayette, Indiana and am a senior at Boston University studying Business Administration and German. I first was introduced to German in 9th grade and have been learning it ever since. After taking a vacation to Germany during high school, I knew that I wanted to study there during college, and I completed a semester abroad in Dresden my sophomore year. Dresden is a beautiful, historic city and I was able to practice German daily by interacting with German students and friends. After that semester, I traveled around Europe, landing in Freiburg where I completed a summer course in Business German with help from a DAAD scholarship. In Freiburg, I was lucky to meet friends from across Europe, including Italy, Spain and Russia. Being with international students allowed me to change my perspective and experience new cultures. I returned to Boston for my junior year, but I had to go back! This past summer I worked as a Human Resources Marketing intern at MANN+HUMMEL in Ludwigsburg, which is right outside of Stuttgart. During this experience, I used German about 90% of the time, so my language skills developed significantly. I experienced working in a German office, which sometimes came with cultural surprises but was always interesting. I return to Boston in September for my senior year and hope to either get a job in Germany or be accepted into a Masters program there.
Dorothee Goettert

Home University: Louisiana State University
Major: Food Science, Animal Science
Program/University in Germany: Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Hallo! My name is Dorothee and I am an undergraduate at Louisiana State University, double majoring in Food Science and Animal Science with a minor in German. I’ve been to Germany many times visiting with my family, and from Fall 2011 to Spring 2012 I received the opportunity to study abroad for two semesters at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn. My year there gave me the chance to learn about everyday student life in Germany. Rather than me being chauffeured around by my family, I had to adjust to using public transportation and finding out things for myself, exploring and enjoying a culture and country I had mostly known as a tourist. Studying at a German university has sparked my interest in attending graduate school there. I made many new friends from people all over the world and received insight into more than just the German culture. At the beginning it may seem intimidating, getting used to living in a foreign country, but it truly is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. I look forward to sharing my studying abroad experiences with you and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Tschüss.
Isabel Gutierrez

Home University: University of California, Irvine
Major: German and Anthropology, Science in Human Culture
Program/University in Germany: Humboldt Universität Berlin

Hallo! My name is Isabel Gutierrez and I study English Literature at the University of California Irvine. During my third year I studied abroad for a year in Germany’s bustling capital of Berlin. Many people thought it was strange that I decided on Germany as my study abroad destination when I study English Literature. However, Germany just had many appealing benefits to it. I was able to learn a new language, experience a fascinating culture that has had many ups and downs in its history, and use the highly sophisticated transportation system to explore the country. It was also my first time traveling to Europe and choosing Germany as my first European country to explore was the best decision. Germany is an incredibly safe country centrally located in Europe making it accessible for travel anywhere. The saying that Germany is the “land of ideas” could not be any truer. While in Germany I participated in many beer festivals, went to a soccer game at the Olympic stadium, and went to several language parties to better my German. Though the German language and people might be a bit of a challenge at first, you eventually find yourself becoming immersed in the country. I hope to show other students the great opportunity of studying abroad in Germany. If you have any questions or are even the tiniest bit interested please send me an email!
Ashley Gyarmati

Home University: York University - Toronto, Canada
Major: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Bachelor of Education for the Intermediate/Senior Division in Dance, Biology, and International Education
Program/University in Germany: Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

Learning in a university setting traditionally takes place in big lecture halls listening professors relate their personal experiences to lecture material, followed by studying similar over priced textbooks. My exchange to Germany allowed me to see that there is only so much you can learn from a textbook, making it by far the most “educational” experience of my university career. In which, I learned about German customs and culture (and in turn became more aware of my own Canadian culture), the German language, history, teaching, architecture, the arts, my family history and about myself. I spent the summer semester of 2011 at the Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg, in Baden-Württemberg through the York University Education exchange. In Freiburg, I studied teaching English as a foreign language and bilingual teaching, and took German language courses and a few fine arts courses. I had an opportunity to do a practicum placement in a grade 8 English class, where I was able to experience another school system and received constructive criticism, in the traditional form of "German Honesty" that has made me a much better teacher. Living in Germany has allowed me to experience what my life as a student would have been like had my parents and grandparents not immigrated from Germany to Canada. I was fortunate enough to travel to many wonderful cities in Germany (and its surrounding countries) which had only furthered my learning of German history and understanding of their culture. Prior to leaving for my exchange, my father gave me the advice "When in Rome [or Germany], do as the Romans [or Germans]." I definitely learned the most about Germany, German culture, teaching in Germany, and the German language by living with German roommates, making friends with Germans (whom I can still say are some of my best friends) and trying to adapt to the new country I was living in, by having an open mind. My 2011 exchange, inspired me to go back to Germany during the summer of 2012 to teach at an English language camp in Bavaria and the Baltic Sea region, where I only continued to fall in love with the country and culture. Following teaching in Germany, I participated in the York University International Internship (YIIP) program) in the former capital of West Germany, Bonn, at the DAAD head office in section 316 working with the North American, British and Southern Europe scholarship holders in RISE and RISE Professional. I 100% recommend studying abroad in Germany: a country full of history, culture and character!

Jacob Halpenny

Home University: Queen's University
Major: English Literature
Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim

Hallo/Hello! My name is Jacob Halpenny and I am currently a fourth year student at Queen's University located in Kingston, Ontario. I am an English major, and was privileged enough to be able to study at Mannheim University last year. While abroad I was lucky to meet many intelligent and charismatic fellow students whether they be from German, Swedish, Spanish, or Pakistani decent. I was impressed by Mannheim's large international student population which made studying abroad for the first time an enjoyable and educational experience. In the two semesters that I spent in the Baden-Württemberg province I travelled, studied, participated in extra curricular activities all while making life long friends and establishing life long memories. Mannheim's location made it exceptionally easy to get around, with so many destinations so close by it easily made up for the fact the Mannheim is truthfully an industrial city and is therefore not the most attractive city in the world. If you have any questions, or if you would like to learn more about living in Germany, send me an e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Erik Harkness

Home University: University of Georgia
Major: German Studies and International Affairs
Program/University in Germany: Universität Rostock

Moin, Moin! My name is Erik Harkness and I am currently studying German and International Affairs at the University of Georgia. I just spent the last year doing an academic exchange in Rostock, Germany. I won't deny that I went full German. I fell in love with the food, being able to bike everywhere, and the Christmas Markets. I can't shut up about the Christmas Markets. Some of my best memories stem from walking with friends through crowded streets while holding a mug of Glühwein to keep warm. I even traveled to Munich just to see a Krampus run, which is like Halloween on Christmas. There are so many things to do during the Christmas markets and by comparison, the American Christmas is extremely boring. Everything abroad is an adventure and isn't limited to just Germany. I made friends from all over Europe that I ended up visiting in Prague, Krakow, and even Moscow! Germany changed my life for the better, and my goal is to figure out how to get back to Germany either for work, or permanently. Needless to say, I went full German, and so can you! Feel free to talk to me, and I will help you get there!
Kareem Hartl

Home University: University of Rhode Island
Major: Finance and German
Program/University in Germany: Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg

Moin und Grüß Gott. My name is Kareem Hartl and I am a senior at the University of Rhode Island, double majoring in Finance and German. The first 6 months of my year abroad, I was studying in Hamburg at the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften Hamburg (HAW) where I fell in love with the city. You can go the harbor, to the Alster (lake), spend the night out on the Reeperbahn and go to the Fischmarkt in the morning, the city has so much to offer. I met so many great people from around the world while studying, as well as the local Germans and have made many close relationships (and still call many my best friends.) While in Hamburg, I lived with 4 other German students in a shared flat, where we often did activities together such as, cooking, going to the gym and playing Fußball (soccer). The last 6 months of my year abroad, I did an internship at UniCredit Corporate and Investment Banking in Munich, where I was able to enjoy the Bavarian lifestyle! From sitting in one of the many Biergartens, to relaxing in the Englische Garten, to taking a trip to the Alps, it is such a beautiful city with many activities to do. I was also able to watch all the Champions League and German Bundesliga games in pubs and public venues, where ultimately Bayern München won both Championships, which was a very exciting time to be in Munich because the city went crazy. After living in Germany for a year, I feel that I have grown individually, socially, intellectually, and this has shaped me into a better person. I love the German culture and am more than happy to share my experience and tips about studying abroad in Germany, so please feel free to contact me!
Alex Hornbuckle

Home University: University of South Carolina
Major: International Business and Global Supply Chain Operations Management
Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim

Hallo! My name is Alex Hornbuckle and I am a senior at the University of South Carolina majoring in International Business and Global Supply Chain Operations Management with a minor in German. Last Spring I had the opportunity to study at Universität Mannheim for a semester. I had previously traveled to Germany once before in high school on a teacher-led trip, which is when I decided that I should focus my college career around a field which could send me back to Germany as a professional. At Uni Mannheim, I studied BWL while taking additional classes to further my German proficiency as well as a couple of classes focusing the German financial markets and the Euro crisis. In Mannheim I not only received a top-notch education for a semester, but also was given plenty of opportunities to immerse myself in the culture through school-organized weekend trips, parties, and sporting events. I cannot wait to go back to Germany, whether on business or pleasure, but I am sure that I will soon. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my experience in Germany or study abroad in general.
Sarah Hughes

Home University: University of Toronto
Major: Chemistry
Program/University in Germany: University of Freiburg

Hello! My name is Sarah Hughes, and I am majoring in chemistry at the University of Toronto. My first encounter with the German language and culture arose during high school, when I serendipitously decided to choose German as an elective, and fell in love. After this time, although I didn’t take German courses in university, I still maintained my interest in the country. I jumped at the opportunity to work in a lab in Germany after being inspired from a friend who raved about their past experience, and it was through the Ontario-Baden-Württemberg summer research award that I was able to do so. From the moment I arrived in Freiburg, I felt very welcomed both in the lab at the university, and in the dormitory where I stayed. Riding a bike to school every day was a wonderful experience, as was being in such close proximity to other German cities, and other European countries. By having the opportunity to travel, I was able to experience the best of all worlds, from the excitement of the big cities like Berlin, Munich, and Frankfurt that I was used to (after living in Toronto for so long), to the small town charm the likes of Heidelberg, and my basetown Freiburg. Although I only stayed in Germany for three months, I improved my German immensely, made many friends and contacts in Germany, and learned valuable skills academically and personally, that I am so thankful to carry with me for the rest of my life. Studying in university may well be the best time of your life, and I would encourage everyone to get outside their comfort zone, and experience an academic adventure that can open doors to a whole different life than you thought you would lead. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have about doing an exchange to Germany, so feel free to contact me.
Dagmar Irrig

Home University: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Major: Economics and German
Program/University in Germany: Universität Mannheim

Servus! My name is Dagmar Irrig. I am a senior at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, pursuing my undergraduate degree in German and Economics. My interest in German culture began with the desire to explore the country of my ancestors. I studied abroad for two semesters at the Universität Mannheim and began the experience by first participating in the International Summer Academy. Studying abroad challenged me to adapt to a new learning style and step beyond the bounds of my comfort zone. I went to Germany in search of a new experience, as well as, a deeper understanding of a culture and language. The adventures I had, and the brilliant people I met provided me with a newfound direction, goals, and memories, just as I had longed for. I highly recommend participating in such a remarkable journey. I would be delighted to share more information about my experience and to answer any questions you might have. Tschüs!
Nicole Johnson

Home University: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Major: German Literature and Culture Peace, War and Defense
Program/University in Germany: Universität Konstanz

Hallo! My name's Nicole Johnson and I am a current senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I just spent my junior year at the University of Konstanz located on the German-Swiss border on the beautiful Bodensee. There I took classes under the department of Political Science and Public Administration while also taking German as a foreign language courses through the university's Sprachlehrinstitut. I was also able to be a paid research assistant on a project in the field of political science. While at Konstanz I made so many friends from around the world, traveled throughout Germany and Europe, and (being in southern Germany) I was able to celebrate many great German traditions. I dressed up in dirndl for Oktoberfest, drank Glühwein in the snow at the Weihnachtsmarkt, and experienced the craziness of Fasnacht (Karnival). All in all my year abroad was one of the most amazing of my life. If you have any questions about study abroad in Konstanz or in Germany in general, feel free to ask!
Seth Kaempfer

Home University: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
Major: Global Studies and Security
Program/University in Germany: Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.

Hallo! My name is Seth Kaempfer and I am currently studying Global Studies with a focus in Security. I study at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I recently completed a semester abroad at Goethe Uni in the wonderful and active city of Frankfurt. Along with my semester abroad, I also completed an internship at the University of Kassel. My internship consisted of working with both the International Center for Development and Decent Work, and the Sprachzentrum/Studiumzentrum. Throughout my studies and internship abroad, I took wonderful trips to amazing cities in Germany and German speaking countries like Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Salzburg and many more. I have been abroad before to other European countries but this was my first time to Germany and I could not have asked for anything more. This experience was one of the most amazing things I have ever done. I have gained so many life skills, friends across the globe, global awareness, and crazy amazing stories to tell. Although my major is not German, I still was also able go leaps and bounds with my German language skills through studying and working in German speaking offices. If I can give any advice to students thinking about studying abroad in Germany is to take advantage and create your own opportunities. If one is able to do this, they will be able to have a time like nothing else.
Spencer Kelly

Home University: Boise State University
Major: German Language
Program/University in Germany: Universität Saarbrücken

Hallo alle! My name is Spencer Kelly. I’m entering my senior year at Boise State University in Boise, Idaho as a German Language major Art History minor. This past year I studied at Universität des Saarlandes in Saarbrücken, where I made many great friends, saw amazing sights and had unforgettable experiences. My time abroad was academically and personally fulfilling and I encourage anyone considering studying abroad in Germany to go! The growth I experienced as both a student and as a citizen of the world was invaluable. The opportunities offered by studying in Germany are boundless and I’m looking forward to presenting those opportunities to prospective study abroad students as well as sharing my own experiences in the coming year! Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more about studying abroad in Germany or the opportunities offered by the DAAD. Alles Gute!
Lily Kley

Home University: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Political Science and German
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

Hallo Freunde! My name is Lily Kley and I am a senior at the University of California, Berkeley studying Political Science and German Studies. This past year I had the pleasure of studying abroad for a semester at the Free University in Berlin where I took classes both in English and in German with a focus on Political Science. Being in Berlin was like feeling the heartbeat of Europe, surrounded by a plethora of culture and history. From sitting by the Spree river with friends until dawn, exploring abandoned buildings, visiting Potsdam to attending a performance by the well known Philharmonic, Berlin has something to offer for everyone. A special highlight was being able to be at the talk given by President Obama in July '13 (with Chancellor Merkel attending) at the Brandenburg gate! Studying in Germany was an unforgettable experience of a lifetime which I would recommend to anyone who is considering studying abroad. Spending time in a foreign country makes one re-think aspects of one's own life previously taken for granted. It is a worthy challenge, as such an experience allows retrospection on one's own habits or way of life and to develop a new perspective. An additional advantage is being able to use German on a daily basis, which helps you improve your vocabulary while making new friends from Germany and all over the world. If you have any questions at all about studying abroad, or Berlin/Germany in general, please don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. Bis bald!
Lucy Ma

Home University: Duke University
Major: Biology
Program/University in Germany: RISE - Albrecht-Kossel-Institute for Neuroregeneration

Hallo, hallo! My name is Lucy Ma. I am a senior, currently studying Biology at Duke University. I spent three months in Germany as a DAAD RISE (Research and Internships in Science and Engineering) intern. My weekdays were dedicated to research at the Albrecht-Kossel Institute for Neuro-biology but my weekends were spent roaming the country. Hopping on and off the Deutschbahn, I found myself in Munich, Potsdam, Lübeck and Schwerin. I hiked in Heidelberg, toured Neuschwanstein, and relished the German cuisine. Needless to say, my experience in Germany not only honed my technical lab skills but also enhanced my planning and networking skills. I had an utterly incredible time and hope that you will also consider doing an exchange program in Germany; I would be more than happy to answer any questions and assist you in any way that I can!
Mia Mihailovic

Home University: Oregon State University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Program/University in Germany: Universität Tübingen

My name is Mia Mihailovic. I am going into my senior year at Oregon State University. I study chemical engineering (with an environmental processes option) with a minor in German. I studied abroad in Tübingen spring of 2012. I was in a program called “Spring Intensive Program” which was an exchange that my university offered. I was in class about eight hours a day with other American students, studying German language and culture (intensively!). I had an amazing grammar teacher and I owe very much of my German language skills to her. She was always prepared for class, held high expectations, and refused to speak English, and somehow explained everything to us in German, although we were only beginners. I made a very close group of American friends from different parts of the country, a couple with whom I am still best friends. I lived in student housing, and although my floor was not the cleanest place, my wonderful German flatmates made it more than bearable. I was given the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and explore many cultures and meet people that, even after only one conversation, are still engrained in my memories because of the profound ideas or kindness they shared. Not only was my time in Germany the most fun I have ever had, it was also very influential. The efficiency (in alternative energy, public transportation, waste recycling, etc.) I witnessed while in Germany has encouraged me to think about how other countries can model certain aspects of German engineering practices in order to progress sustainably. Sustainable development is my passion, but I am confident that Germany is a great place to study for other students as well - if not for the trains, busses, and biomüll, then surely for its rich history and traditions, open-minded culture, social interactions, sports and beer. Please contact me with any questions!
Michael Mitchell

Home University: University of British Columbia
Major: Pharmacology
Program/University in Germany: University of Bielefeld

Servus! My name is Mike and I’m a fifth year Pharmacology student at the University of British Columbia. My European adventure began in 2012 with an 8 month internship at the Medical University of Vienna. During this time I was able to travel a lot throughout Austria and Germany. I returned to Canada, and within a few weeks I was already missing the cultures, the food, the language and the people, so I applied for a DAAD RISE internship. This allowed me to work in Germany for summer 2013. I was in Bielefeld (I can confirm that the city exists) and met so many great people – both from Germany and from around the world. I was able to improve my German, I learned a lot in the lab, and I travelled everywhere (Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, Austria, Iceland…)! My experiences abroad have really been life changing. I have friends in almost every European country now, strong professional ties, and a broadened view of life outside of North America. I can’t wait to return to Germany, and in the meantime I would love to help people to discover the various exchange and internship programs that the DAAD offers!
Emily Robinson

Home University: Michigan State University
Major: German, Education
Program/University in Germany: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Guten Tag! I'm Emily and I'm currently in my fourth (and final...if all goes as planned) year at Michigan State University. My majors are German and Secondary Education and my minor is English. With this I hope to teach German in an American school for a while, then eventually end up in Germany teaching English. I spent my junior year in Freiburg as part of an exchange through my university. There I got to live with other German students, attend classes at the Uni, and had an internship teaching English at a Gymnasium in Freiburg. It was indescribable, but the one word I constantly use to try to describe my year is life changing. I think studying/interning in a different country is invaluable, and Germany is absolutely the place to do it. With the help of DAAD's undergraduate scholarship, I was able to see everything I wanted to in Germany with little financial strain, which was also super awesome. I'm super passionate about everything Germany related and would love to help you experience all the great things I did, so don't be afraid to ask any questions about Freiburg, interning in Germany, studying in Germany, or even travelling Europe in general.
Franz Wayne Rivera

Home University: University of California, Santa Barbara
Major: Global and International Studies
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

Hallo! My name is Franz Wayne Rivera, and I am a senior at the University of California, Santa Barbara studying Global and International Studies with a minor in German Studies. With the assistance of the DAAD Undergraduate Study Scholarship, I perfected my German and spent eight months in the Freie Universität Berlin conducting an independent research project involving International Human Rights and Asian Diaspora Studies. My time in the turbulent, historic capital was life changing and introduced me to different realms of political science that I had not previously explored.

Germany is an amazing place to study because it enjoys a truly international academic community of leading scholars. Even more special, every town has its own culture, traditions, and history, and traveling within the country is always a learning experience. In the case of Berlin, it can sometimes be an eclectic mix of contradictory opposites: modern buildings in contrast with historic architecture, historic landmarks across from world famous clubs and parks, or entertainers in front of the Brandenburger Tor.

Germany is an incredibly welcoming place where every personality can belong. I invite you to discover the little cultural differences that make living in Germany such a pleasure, like the variety of delicious breads unavailable in America and the culture of mixing drinks that introduced Spezi and Apfelschorle. If you have any questions about your future academic pursuits in Germany, please feel free to contact me. Tschüssi!!!
Lauren Roalkvan

Home University: University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point
Major: German and International Studies
Program/University in Germany: Philipps-Universität Marburg

Grüetzi, My name is Lauren I am a senior studying at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, doubling majoring in German and International Studies. My interest in the German language started my junior year of high school when I participated in a life changing year-long Rotary Youth Exchange. While in Switzerland I lived with four different host families which allowed me to indulge myself in all aspects the unique Swiss culture. Since then, I studied in Fulda, Hessen for a month in an International Summer University. However, my most recent trip to Germany was a semester at Philipps-Universität in Marburg. I attended a daily intensive language course which focused on reading, writing, speaking, and listening. I absolutely love Europe and the life enriching possibilities it has to offer. I highly encourage everyone to take part in this amazing opportunity of exploring, traveling, and learning a language. Studying abroad has made me intrigued to create unforgettable adventures such as climbing a mountain in Austria, paragliding in Switzerland, and taking endless weekend trips to the neighboring cities and countries of Germany. Of course there may be some bumps and bruises along the way, but that just makes the experience worth the while. Please feel free to contact me with your questions, comments, and experiences you would like to share.
Katherine Rooney

Home University: Colorado School of Mines
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Program/University in Germany: Hochschule Bremen

Hello! I’m a senior at Colorado School of Mines studying mechanical engineering. I spent the last year in Germany through the Study and Internship Program from DAAD and UAS7. I spent one semester at Hochschule Bremen taking classes in Cultural Differences, Flight Propulsion, Manufacturing, and Thermodynamics in English and German. After I finished my semester in Bremen I moved across Germany to a region called Allgäu. Here in the southern tip of Germany I had an internship with the company Bosch, working in manufacturing operations. My whole year was unforgettable between traveling around Europe, making tons of fantastic friends, and experience German culture. I think studying aboard is an experience everyone should have and Germany offers something for everyone. I’m happy to help you find your own route to study or intern (or both) in Germany!
Kaitlyn Roth

Home University: University of Iowa
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Program/University in Germany: TU Dortmund

Hi my name is Kaitlyn Roth and I am currently a junior at the University of Iowa, majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in German. I attended TU Dortmund during Summer Semester 2012 where I was able to take classes for my major, including a physiology internship, and I was able to finish my minor in German. While I was living in Dortmund, Germany I was able to experience the most populated area of Germany and a non-tourist area. I also got the chance to meet many students, travel, and have the best five months of my life. The best part of this experience for me was becoming friends with people from all over the world, while experiencing what life is like in a completely different country. I would strongly encourage anyone to pursue studying abroad, because it is life changing. I am more than happy to answer any questions or share my experience with you! I encourage you, if you are even considering spending time abroad, to go for it and take advantage of this opportunity.
Laura Satkowski

Home University: University of Missouri, Columbia
Major: Environmental Science, German
Program/University in Germany: Albert Ludwigs Universität Freiburg and Justus Liebig Universität Gießen

Hallo! My name is Laura Satkowski. I am a senior at the University of Missouri, Columbia studying Environmental Science and Biology. My journey to Deutschland began last fall where I spent a semester in Freiburg through a program called IES Abroad. After stepping off the train upon arrival to Freiburg, I could not believe that I would be living in the picturesque city of Freiburg located in the Black Forest. Through living in a flat with all Germans and taking my classes in German, I made great German friends and increased my language skills. I immersed myself into the Black Forest Culture by skiing and hiking in the Black Forest, eating Flammkuchen and Black Forest Cherry Cake, and wandered Christmas markets with my classmates. I enjoyed German so much that this previous summer I returned to Germany with the DAAD Rise Program. I was partnered with the PhD candidate Sarah Harvolk at Justus Liebig University Giessen. We traveled throughout Deutschland comparing vegetation along rivers to canals. This was a great opportunity to improve my research skills, get to know the German University system, and create a lasting friendship with a PhD student in my area of study.
Tia Seibold

Home University: Lafayette College
Major: German and International Affairs
Program/University in Germany: Goethe Institute Berlin

Hallo! My name is Tia Seibold and I am a rising senior at Lafayette College, majoring in International Affairs and German. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Berlin and Vienna via the Macalester College German Study Abroad Program. I took courses in economics, translating, German, history, and theater. During the semester I had the opportunity to travel all over Germany and Austria as well as the surrounding countries. I enjoyed the international environment and got to make friends from a plethora of countries and cultures. I had the opportunity to teach English at a local high school in Vienna which was a ton of fun and very rewarding. I am excited and honored to help other students in creating their own memorable experience. If you have any questions or concerns about studying abroad in Germany or planning your extracurricular travels, feel free to contact me!
Shanlai Shangguan

Home University: Brandeis University
Major: History, Environmental Studies, International and Global Studies
Program/University in Germany: Humboldt Universität, Berlin

Hallo! My name is Shanlai Shangguan. I came to the United States two years ago to study at Brandeis University, which has already been a study-abroad for me. But in Spring 2013, I did my “study abroad abroad” in Berlin, Germany. That was a whole new experience to me. I studied at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin through IES Berlin Language and Area Studies program. I got to take classes both at the institute IES and Humboldt Universität, where I focussed my study mainly on history and international relations. It was inspiring and a lot of fun to look at international politics from a non-US perspective. The long and rich European history also urges me to absorb its beauty through its great arts and culture. During my time abroad, I lived with a host family in a nice neighborhood not far from the city center. This enabled me not only to enjoy a traditional German daily life but also to explore the city. Besides a nice city experience, my program also provided opportunities to travel to cities and suburbs near Berlin. By visiting parks and palaces, I fell in love with Germany's natural landscape. There are a lot of great forests and lakes around Berlin, where I enjoyed hiking, biking, kayaking with family and friends. Summer in Berlin is especially beautiful. The temperature is decent and the city full of green. I also did an internship with one of German political parties: Die Linke, where I got to know more of German social and working culture. My experience in Germany was overall very beneficial and unforgettable in terms of both academics and life. I miss all of the experiences I had there and all of the people I have met there. I would say it is definitely worth it and would encourage all young people who are interested to give it a try. I’m happy to address any questions, comments or concerns about studying in Germany.
Alexander Sumin

Home University: Concordia University
Major: Political Science
Program/University in Germany: Albert Ludwig's University of Freiburg

Hi there! My name is Alexander and I’m studying Political Science at Concordia University in Montreal. I spent the 2011/12 academic year studying and living in Germany’s sunniest city – Freiburg. With its 550-year-old history and an alumni lineup with names like Weber, Husserl, Heidegger, Arendt, Hayek, etc, Albert Ludwig’s University of Freiburg has a lot to offer. Personally, I had the opportunity to participate in many interesting lectures and seminars taught by distinguished professors and scholars, meet and work on projects together with many interesting people, while also attending German language classes at the university’s language school. But Freiburg is not unique in this regard, and the list of world-renown universities scattered across the German landschaft, is anything but short. Now, if you are like me, there’s probably a lot more than ‘mere academia’ behind your desire to study and live abroad. I, for example, have always been fascinated by German culture, its people, dramatic past and role in modern history. Encountering it firsthand, becoming part of it even for a short while, was a truly transformative and rewarding experience. And I guess you don’t need me to tell you that, beyond the borders of what we call or what feels like ‘home’, there is an entire world out there to be discovered and explored. Actually, chances are that, by the time you return from your exchange, your definition of ‘home’ might very well include a part of Germany. But don’t take my word for it – try it for yourself! I’m only here to help you out and answer any questions you may have.
Jordan Vani

Home University: University of Alberta
Major: Biological Sciences, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Program/University in Germany: Universität Bayreuth

Hallo! My name is Jordan Vani and I'm a 4th year student at The University of Alberta planning to graduate with a double major in Biological Science and Earth & Atmospheric Science. This past summer I was able to spend just over 2 months as a DAAD RISE intern at the Universität Bayreuth in the department of Disturbance Ecology. During my internship I was engaged in a wide variety of research topics--including my own research project that examined the effects of recurrent drought on beech tree growth and physiology. Although I couldn't speak any German upon landing in Frankfurt, everyone I met was very accommodating, extremely helpful (especially my supervisor), and patient enough to communicate via hand gestures if they didn't speak any English, which most people do! Both academically and personally my German experience was a great opportunity to gain an insight into science as a practice, to make friends from around the world, to travel, taste beers, and to grow as an individual. Feel free to ask me any questions about going to Germany or about my own experience.
Mercedes Voet

Home University: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Major: Psychology and German
Program/University in Germany: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Hallo zusammen! My name is Sadie Voet and I am currently entering my senior year studying Psychology and German at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I just returned from a year living abroad in Freiburg, Germany where I was a full time student at Albert-Ludwigs Universität through the Academic Year in Freiburg program. Living and studying in Germany was incredible to say the least. Not only was Freiburg a great environment to go to study in, the city was welcoming and always full of excitement. While at the university I was able to take classes in many different fields, strengthening my knowledge of German language, culture, and history. I also held an internship at the Social and Cognitive Psychology department on campus. Even though I chose Freiburg for the university, I also got a chance to meet great people in Freiburg and in surrounding countries, which are really easy to travel to. From the beautiful Münster, to the charming Bächle, Freiburg has a ton to offer including its bustling student life, festivals year round and incredible hiking trails in the surrounding Black Forest. Living and breathing Badisch culture for a year was by far one of my greatest decisions yet. The experiences and lessons you learn while abroad are not something you can learn at home. This year was amazing and I can't wait to help others find their perfect study abroad experience in Germany. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me, I'd love to help with anything. Tschüss
Zachary Wayson

Home University: University of Florida
Major: Marketing; Information Systems and Operations Management
Program/University in Germany:WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management, Vallendar

My time in Germany was nothing short of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was nervous before going, but one week after arriving, I could not get enough of my new home. While abroad, I befriended resident German students, as well as students from all over the world, and quickly immersed myself in the culture. There was always something unique to see, do, or experience. I traveled to the Bavarian Alps; explored the vibrant automobile culture and industry; indulged in local markets; and took advantage of freshly-baked pretzels and bread. On top of it all, Germany sits in the middle of Europe, so I traveled somewhere new practically every weekend. I grew personally, professionally, and spiritually while I encountered entirely new cultures on a regular basis. I can say, without hesitation, that studying abroad in Germany is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
Tyler Weiglein

Home University: Virginia Tech
Major: German and Civil Engineering
Program/University in Germany:Universität Stuttgart

Hallo! I am a fourth-year student at Virginia Tech majoring in German and civil engineering and minoring in green engineering. I spent a semester at the Universität Stuttgart on a bilateral exchange program, and it was a life-changing experience to say the least. Being a double major, Stuttgart was the ideal choice for me because I was able to take both classes focusing on German culture and literature as well as engineering classes focusing on the environment. Although studying abroad in a country with a different language and culture can be challenging at times, I would encourage everyone to seize the opportunity to study abroad if they can!
Evan Woodnorth

Home University: Denison University
Major: German and International Studies
Program/University in Germany:Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Vocational High School Program

Grüß di Gott! My name is Evan Woodnorth, and I am currently a sophomore at Denison University, double majoring in German and International Studies. After graduating from Whitefish Bay High School, I sought an unorthodox path, which spanned the Atlantic, a simultaneously daunting and tantalizing task: taking a gap year abroad in Germany. I had the honor of being selected as a recipient of a full scholarship to study in Germany: The Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) Vocational High School Program. Within the framework of the 2011-2012 CBYX Program, I had the opportunity to study German language and culture in Frankfurt for two months. Afterwards, I attended Gymnasium for two months in Schwabach and for the remaining six months, I completed two three-month-long internships in Nürnberg. At the Medienwerkstatt-Franken e.V., I had the unique opportunity of receiving hands-on experience in every aspect of television and film: pre-production, production, and post-production. At the Deutsch-Amerikanisches Institut Nürnberg e.V., I acted as an ambassador for the US, informing visitors on American culture, history, language, politics, and media. I also lived with multiple host families – one in Frankfurt and one in Nürnberg. Living with a German host family for 10 months was a demanding, perhaps even daunting task, yet extremely rewarding. Through observing and interacting in daily activities, I slowly gained a greater understanding of not only the German mentality, but also of a more general European mentality. All of these experiences have given me the capability to perceive situations from multiple perspectives, taught me patience, and instilled in me the importance of diversity and interculturalism. While abroad, I also took advantage of Germany's central European location and visited many other countries including Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, Austria, and The Czech Republic. The new perspectives and experiences that I gained through studying the German language and specifically during my gap year abroad with the CBYX program have undoubtedly been a tipping point in my personal, academic, and professional life -- and I strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the myriad of opportunities available in Germany. If you have any questions concerning studying abroad in Germany, please do not hesitate to contact me! Tschüssi!
Brittany O’Neill

Home University: Drexel University
Major: Chemical Engineering
Program/University in Germany: Munich Hochschule

Hi my name is Brittany O'Neill and I study chemical engineering at Drexel University. I studied at Munich University of Applied Sciences last year for nine months and loved my experience! What's different about this university is that it is a more hands on approach to learning using laboratories and internships to teach new concepts and skills. During my time there I traveled all over Germany, spending Christmas with family in Hamburg and Berlin, and also going to new countries including England, Italy and France. I participated in an internship with a lab at my university in Munich which really enhanced my German skills by speaking with my coworkers and reading their published science articles. Let me know if you have any questions!
Jonah Orr

Home University: Vassar College
Major: Neuroscience and Behavior
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

My name is Jonah Orr, I am a Neuroscience major at Vassar College, and I believe that German is a beautiful language. It is a word game that allows the speaker to communicate with an exactness that English is incapable of. It is not a contextual language as much as French or Spanish, in that one does not need to be completely indoctrinated in the culture to thoroughly understand the newspaper or conversation between natives, and to be honest, it is just more fun to speak than anything else I have studied. I spent a semester at the Freie-Universität in Berlin with the Berlin Consortium for German Studies. My time in Germany was the most intense, beautiful, and formative experience of my College years thus far, and I am looking forward to helping others to experience their own wonderful time in Germany. As someone who studies outside of a language or humanities major, I can say with confidence time in Germany offers an education greater than anything I would have obtained at my home in the United States; the education I got in Germany is so much greater than simply what I learn in the classroom, but it extends to my life every day. I am ready to help any prospective people looking at an academic study abroad in Germany, whether German is your major or not!
Meghan Reidy

Home University: Ball State University
Major: History, German, Music Performance
Program/University in Germany: Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

Hallo! My name is Meghan Reidy, and I am an undergraduate studying German, Music Performance, and History at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Last year, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a one-to-one student exchange with the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität in Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen. With this exchange, I took classes in German, history, religion, and Spanish and also held a part-time job at a library. I had studied German in high school and college, but compared to what I learned in school, my German improved by leaps and bounds just in the short time I was there. My experience has shaped me so much: when I came to Münster, German was something I used at most three hours a week in class, I had only ever lived at home or in a dorm, and I knew no one in the city. Over the course of the year, however, I became comfortable speaking German in every situation, signed my first lease, and made lifelong friends, both Germans and international students. Although I will admit the thought of moving away where I didn't know anyone and everyone speaks a different language was terrifying at first, this year abroad is easily the best decision I have ever made. I mean, where else can you listen to a Beethoven concert in Beethoven's house? Germany is a great study abroad option because of the depth of cultural and academic significance in the country. Germany is, after all, the land of Beethoven and Schumann, of Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg, of Goethe and Schiller. Germany is a great country in which to study, and I hope more people will have the opportunity to experience that for themselves. To that end, I am happy to answer any questions you might have. Just send me an email!
Stephanie Rempel

Home University: University of Winnipeg
Major: Political Studies, German Studies
Program/University in Germany: Freie Universität Berlin

Hallo! My name is Stephanie Rempel and I study Political Science and German at the University of Winnipeg. During the 2011-2012 academic year, I lived and studied in Berlin at the Freie Universität Berlin with the assistance of a DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship. Besides excellent academic opportunities, I had a great time exploring the city and immersing myself in the German culture. I fell in love with Berlin much more than I expected too! The city really does have something for everyone. Please feel free to contact me with any questions and concerns about Berlin or studying in Germany. I would love to help!