In 2013, the Study and Internship Program (SIP), which has been jointly offered by German Universities of Applied Science (UAS7) and the DAAD since 2006, will be joined by two new programs, Study Program (SP) and Internship Program (IP), in 2013-14.

While SIP is a unique opportunity for students in the U.S. and Canada to spend a full year studying and interning in Germany, SP and IP will provide shorter-term opportunities to benefit from the unique educational profile of German universities of applied sciences. SP includes a study semester on the campus of one of Germany’s leading universities of applied sciences, which are known for small class sizes and excellent teaching by faculty with backgrounds in business, industry, government and the arts. IP opens the doors of research laboratories and institutes on the campuses of UAS7 members to students in North America, who join research teams for a project of 2-6 months. Research internships are available in a wide range of fields, from aeronautical engineering to logistics and management to nanoscience. (More projects).

SIP students may also apply for one of these research internships, but most SIP participants participate in off-campus internships in all fields throughout Germany.

Successful applicants to SIP and SP are eligible for a DAAD Scholarship or a UAS7 Travel Scholarship; all IP participants receive a UAS7 Travel Scholarship.

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