DAAD Research Ambassadors Program

Meet the DAAD Research Ambassadors 2015-16

Program Description  

DAAD Research Ambassadors are scholars and scientists in North America who have conducted advanced long-term research projects in Germany and are interested in promoting research in Germany at their home universities and among their peers and students.

Since 2005, DAAD New York has been operating its highly successful "Young Ambassadors" program, consisting of recently-returned undergraduate students who have studied in Germany are willing and excited to promote Germany as a study and research destination on their campuses. In an effort to assemble a similar cadre of informed and enthusiastic experts and advisers on higher-level research opportunities in Germany, DAAD New York launched the Research Ambassadors program in 2009.
















Further details  
The main responsibility of a DAAD Research Ambassador is to promote research opportunities in Germany in his/her professional community, university or organization, and discipline.

This can take the form of:
  • Contacting departmental chairs and senior administration officers to share information about study and research opportunities in Germany, including DAAD grants and other organizations' funding programs
  • Arranging an informational meeting on campus each academic year for students in their department and/or prospective applicants to DAAD programs
  • Providing advice and support to students and researchers interested in pursuing academic activities in Germany in his/her field from any university or institution in the US or Canada – and potentially doing the same for German DAAD grantees currently studying in North America

Please note that this is a voluntary post with no compensation available. However, DAAD will make reimbursements available upon request to cover expenses related to production of promotional materials or for refreshments at meetings or informational events. 

Throughout and at the end of each academic year, each Research Ambassador submits short reports to DAAD with any important contacts made and meetings organized. DAAD will include a short report form on the website to fill out. 

Short biographies and photos of the DAAD Research Ambassadors will be posted to www.daad.org and alumni.daad.org so that interested parties can contact them with questions about research in specific fields in Germany.

Become a Research Ambassador  

Eligible applicants:

  • have completed a total of at least 10 months conducting research in Germany at the doctoral level or above
  • are familiar with the current research landscape in Germany for their respective discipline
  • are willing and able to attend the DAAD Research Ambassadors Training Workshop in New York City, from the evening of Thursday, August 13 until mid-day on Saturday, August 15

Scholars and scientists from all disciplines are invited to apply. Priority will be given to former recipients of DAAD grants and scholarships (i.e. DAAD Alumni).
Other "Germany Alumni" may apply as well, including German nationals who studied in Germany at the doctoral level but are now living in the US or Canada.

Research Ambassador terms are for one academic year, and can be renewed. 
Travel arrangements for the Research Ambassadors Training Workshop in August will be covered by DAAD.

In order to apply, please fill out the application form and send to DAAD New York Office. Applications must be received by May 15th, 2015.

Materials should be sent to:
Research Ambassadors Program
DAAD New York
871 United Nations Plaza
New York, NY 10017

For further information please contact:
Ms. Amra Dumisic
(212) 758-3223 x211

DAAD Research Ambassadors 2015-16
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