Conference Funding in German Studies
Netzwerk Deutsch Funding for Conferences

Faculty members and advanced students in the humanities, social sciences and related fields are invited to apply for co-funding to organize workshops, seminars and conferences that embrace the interdisciplinary and/or comparative study of the history, politics, economics, law, society, culture and the arts of Germany.

Netzwerk Deutsch (formerly: StADaF = Ständige Arbeitsgruppe Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Standing Committee for German as a Foreign Language) funds are made available by the German Foreign Office to encourage distinguished scholarly contributions to a deeper understanding of contemporary Germany in the US and Canada.

Terms of Award
Application Guidelines
Grants can be provided for specific conference projects only; they cannot be offered as institutional funding or be used for annual meetings of societies or solely to finance publications. Projects to be funded must be implemented in North America, be of limited duration, have a clearly defined goal, and, as a general rule, must be carried out within the applicable calendar year.
Terms of Award
A minimum of 50% of project costs have to be contributed from other sources, including the university hosting the event. In-kind contributions, such as the provision of meeting space or equipment, may not be counted towards this requirement. DAAD funding guidelines do not permit use of the contribution to cover transatlantic travel, whereas domestic travel, ground transportation, accommodation for active speakers and panelists, catering costs and honoraria of up to USD 500 for keynote speakers are chargeable expense categories. As a German public donor agency, it is also firm and consistent DAAD policy not to fund office overhead or indirect costs at North American universities.

Application Guidelines
A complete application consists of the items listed below:
  • A comprehensive project description, including a project rationale
  • Preliminary program and speaker list
  • Information on project publicity, outreach activities and target audience
  • Detailed budget, including all prospective funding sources
  • All applications must be sent in triplicate to:

    German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
    Attn: Conference Funding
    871 United Nations Plaza
    New York, NY 10017-1814
  • Any awards made will be subject to the ratification of the German federal budget for the same fiscal year.

  • For conferences scheduled for the first half of 2017, applications must be received by October 31, 2016.

  • For conferences scheduled for the second half of 2017, applications must be received by May 31, 2017.

  • The results of the competition are usually announced 4 to 6 weeks after the deadline.