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Presentations   dumisic 8/20/14 none
Event Report.docx
15k dumisic 8/20/14  
Liaison Offices Contact.pdf
241k dumisic 8/20/14  
RA Handbook2014-153.pdf
Quick reference
329k dumisic 8/20/14  
Research in Germany:Orderform.doc
Order form for "Research-in-Germany" publications, produced by DAAD Bonn. Please allow about 4 weeks for delivery.
275k mancini 9/26/11  
Excerpt from Goethe Institut brochure with reasons for why to learn German. Thanks Wolf Wolck for bringing this to everyone's attention!
224k mancini 8/26/09  
Useful Weblinks for RA Work
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DFG - statistics on DFG programs
mancini 8/26/09 none
DFG - Information on the Excellence Initiative
Includes links to more information on the three funding lines
mancini 8/26/09 none
Order Brochures and Materials from DAAD New York
Order publications about our grants and other general information. ("Research in Germany" brochure suite not available through this site.)
mancini 8/28/09 none