What other German-learning resources are on the web?
Collection of the American Association of Teachers of German
Exercises for beginners, organized by topic

TU Darmstadt's collection
Exercises for advanced German students, organized by topic, including some exercises in technical German

German grammar exercises and resources from About.com

Vocabulary Training Exercises
Free online exercises to/from English, German, Spanish or French

German Exercises
German teacher Katherine Munro's index of over 3000 interactive German exercises

E.L. Easton Languages Online
Langauge and general knowledge quizzes

Guide to German Pronunciation
Designed by the University of Exeter; extensive explanations and examples for each sound

Text-to-Speech Generator
Enter any German text, select a German speaker from the "Voice" menu, and hear a remarkably good pronunciation of the text

German Tongue Twisters
There's no better way to practice your pronunciation than with tongue twisters!

"L" and "R"
Simple step-by-step instructions on how to pronounce these troublesome consonants in German


Deutsche Welle
Listen to radio broadcasts in German

German TV
Special station on cable TV that broadcasts German programs

Hear German poets read their poetry aloud

Study In Germany
English-subtitled videos in German about the language for beginners

Die neue Rechtschreibung
Enter German words to see if they're spelled differently in the new German spelling system

Rechtschreibung Test
Test how well you know the new German spelling system; designed for native speakers and advanced learners


Kafka Activities
Read Franz Kafka's "The Metamorphosis" and complete activities related to the text

Projekt Gutenberg
With over 80,000 texts, this 11-year-old site is the largest online collection of German language literature

The Online Magazine for German Literature Abroad