How can I learn German?

a) Institutes and Schools in North America

b) Summer Schools

c) Online Instruction

a) Institutes and Schools in North America

Goethe Institute
The Goethe Institute is renowned for its German language programs. Internationally-recognized courses at all levels are taught at the six Institutes in the US: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

German Language Opportunities Website
The American Association of Teachers of German presents this database of 10,144 German programs of all types

German Language School Conference
The national organization for private German language schools in the United States

Language Schools Guide
Use the detailed search to find German courses at language schools in the US or Canada

More German Language Schools
Another listing of German language schools from

Language Program at the Deutsches Haus at NYU
Learn German in New York City's Greenwich Village

German Language Schools in Canada
Download the PDF from the German Embassy in Ottawa

b) Summer Schools
American colleges and universities have been offering summer German programs for decades. They offer both language courses and continuing education for teachers of German in a total immersion environment. The summer schools and camps below are supported by the Goethe Institute in the US.

c) Online Instruction
It's no longer necessary to sit in a classroom or travel thousands of miles to get a first taste of German - or improve the German skills you already have. There are now dozens of websites that offer free German lessons. Some of them require a basic knowledge of German as their instructions are in German. But below is a selection of some of the best ones available with English instructions. And they're all free!

Goethe Institute
Online Courses from the Goethe Institute
Great site with 10 lessons for beginners, 24 grammar lessons for advanced learners, interactive exercises and tests

Deutsche Welle
Deutsche Welle offers German language courses in all levels

German Electronic Textbook
Clear explanations for beginners with a broad range of exercises

German Steps
The BBC’s online German course for beginners
Free online course of German for beginners

German for Music Lovers
Songs ranging in style from classical to hip-hop to rock are furnished with extensive vocabulary lists

Internet Handbook of German Grammar
Clearly presented site with comprehensive charts

A fee-charging distance learning course with CD-ROM and textbook
Institutes and Schools in Germany  
Language Institutes in Germany
A large number of private and state institutes and schools offer German courses in Germany - and other foreign countries

University Summer Courses
Choose from more than 250 summer courses in German as a foreign language at universities in Germany

Funding Institutions
There are a number of institutions in Germany that foster the German language