Student dormitories in Germany
Student dormitories (or Studentenwohnheim in German) are the cheapest accommodation option in Germany, and therefore, the one of the high-demand. That is why if you decide to apply for a room in a Studentenwohnheim (let`s learn some new words today :)) you’ll probably be on the waiting list for 3-6 months before even getting a […]
Winter Semester 19/20
It’s the winter semester again.🍂 ❄️ Something about the last semester makes a person exceptionally focused and goal oriented – what was once a fuzzy and unclear path is now a straight path with a very clear end. The good thing about that is you know what you want to achieve and you block off […]
Getting into German University: expectations VS reality.
For a long time, I have been afraid even to admit it, but the first time I applied to German universities, … I failed. Until quite recently, I had a feeling that I simply had lost my time. Almost 1 year of preparation and applications went down the drain: it was one refusal after another. […]
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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a publicly-funded independent organization of higher education institutions in Germany. Each year DAAD, its Regional Branch Offices, its Information Centers, and DAAD Professors around the globe provide information and financial support to over 120,000 highly-qualified students and faculty for international research and study per year. Located in New York, San Francisco, and Toronto, DAAD North America is here to advise students, faculty and current DAAD fellows in the US and Canada. How can we help you?

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